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Our business: healthcare!

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Advising agency in media and public relations, our business is healthcare

With 25 years of healthcare experience and a team of 12 employees and consultants, the first mission of Capital Image is to raise the audience's awareness of healthcare issues.

Multiple Abilities

We are public relations professionals. Our agency is certified by the OPQCM (Office Professionnel de Qualification des Conseils en Management) :
- We manage your media relations with over 50 000 journalists through our online press-rooms or, on the contrary, we implement an influential strategy (one to one communication with chief editors).
- Since 1998, we have developed digital communication bound for journalists, but also for health professionals and the general public. Our strengths: web TVs, VOD, event web sites and online press rooms, as well as online formations.
- We intervene in crisis management and sensitive communication: launch and withdrawal of medicine, healthcare and social crisis...
- We prepare and organize your public relations, B to B and B to C events. All events implemented by Capital Image are unique.

We work daily with all media and influencers

We are working with professional magazines, the national and regional media. Every day, we keep in touch with the newspaper, web, TV and radio journalists. We know perfectly what the media expect in terms of information, and, as a result, how to make the most of it for our client’s benefit.
We are very active on the net and social networks. With nearly 15,000 followers on our different accounts, our information is relayed by a growing number of "followers" on social networks.

We analyze the impact of our actions, proof of our efficiency

With our clients, we set qualitative and quantitative objectives. We follow day by day the impact of our campaigns and have them analyzed by exterior companies each year: the number of incoming clients and their location, audience, mapping influencers, but also the perception of messages and return on investment: A ROI times 2 to 4 is correct. Our performance: a ROI times 66! 

Média-training : face aux médiasMedia Training: "Faced with media"
What are the new practices of health journalism? What are links between journalists and social networks? How works the media? How journalists work? How to reconcile traditional media relations and information disseminated on social networks? How to prepare a press conference and a successful interview?
We organize introductory and advanced sessions, individual or group, including theory and many practical exercises. The training is aimed at both spokesperson, responsible of B.U. or industrial sites, members of the Executive Committee, responsible marketing and public affairs.

Fédération Nationale de l'Information Médicale
Member of FNIM
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CAPITAL IMAGE au coeur de l'info santé - Agence de Relations Publiques et Relations Média Santé
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